Monday, May 14, 2012

Breaking News: Bob Arum Worrying about Pacquiao’s Upcoming Performance

This is a fight that they will have to win and probably Bob Arum is just afraid. Pacquiao is a man that had made a lot of things in the boxing world that had given him the chance to be recognized by the world. His age of 33 is not a thing to worry about since his speed and powerful punches are still going to be the same. Even if Bradley was undefeated, it does not mean that Pacquiao isn’t going to go par with him who is also younger.

Each of them knows that they cannot take each other lightly. Arum believes that Pacquiao’s sudden submission to God in the recent months will make him unaggressive in his fight. It was learnt that Pacquiao has been on Bible study. In his last fight it was seen that he was a different person.

It cannot be determined by just knowing such things since he knows what he will lose when he will be the loser. There is nothing wrong when someone submits himself to God since it is an inspiration in things that you do. We will just have to wait this June 9 to see what the outcome is.

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