Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decisive Battle: Bradley Ready for Brawl

The time that Pacquiao will have to fight against Bradley is getting closer and Bradley knows that he needs to get prepared. He is up to a man that had made a record in history and thus as a man who had to undertake many challenges, Bradley realize what it is meant to fight someone like Pacquiao. Bradley was not a bad opponent for Bradley since he can show off a lot of a lot of things.

He said that he had been watching boxing of other known players and he has on a strict diet to prepare his body. He added that Pacquiao’s coach has no idea of what he s up to know and his fighting styles. He said that he respect Pacquiao’s best effort and he is a fighter to be reckoned with. For sure Bradley has out in his mind that he is up to a man that even Mayweather is hesitating to fight.

Things are getting pretty serious with the things that are happening but we are still to see the greatest battle this June 9. The bout may draw the attention of the whole world and bet for who will get the sweet victory. Bradley is prepared as he has said and we will see the result of his training likewise to the man the man that he challenged.


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