Friday, May 18, 2012

A Ring for Pacquiao: The WBO Recognition

It seems that Pacquiao is not just a boxer since he will have to wear a fashion ring that was made especially for him. The WBO has announced that they are giving Manny Pacquiao a ring that will recognize him as super champion. This is a thing that Pacquiao has to look up for. The fever of his brawl against Bradley is not yet subsiding and this June 9 the world will witness the extraordinary battle between two warriors.

An official said that the diamond decorated ring is a symbol not only of fame but also as recognition on the things that he had contributed to the boxing world.

Valcarcel said “We are going to gift Manny Pacquiao with a diamond ring, an exclusive ring, for him as a superchampion. The ring is specially designed for Pacquiao. There are just two in the World, this for Pacquiao, and the other one we gave to Oscar de la Hoya in 1995. This ring is for elite boxers.”

With such tension that is happening this is going to be a fight that we will have to look for. This is the battle that we have all waited and so it is yours when it is here.


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