Monday, May 14, 2012

Marquez: Bradley Will Be A Tough Opponent But Pacquiao Will Win

We cannot deny the reality that somehow the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is getting the attention of the boxers around the world. For sure some of them love to see Pacquiao or Bradley win the brawl. Some of the boxers that we know adore the two and they have something to say about the fight. Possible that the most notable of all is the comment of Marquez. Marquez fought Pacquiao and their battle was somehow a thing that had raised many questions but later on it was then accepted that Pacquiao was the victor.

Marquez said that the battle is going to be great since Bradley has the experience and has the ability to do some serious damages but he will not win. He believes that although Bradley practices a lot more, he is still a far cry compared to Pacquiao. Bradley has the speed that can surprise Pacquiao but he cannot still overcome the much seasoned boxer.

This will be given decision or reality if we see the brawl in our own eyes. Marquez might just be giving such opinions since he has still a dream to fight Pacquiao for the fourth time. You can give your opinion since it is always welcome.


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