Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pacquiao Motivated After His Battle With Marquez

The battle is all going to be a thing that we will all going to see. The bout that they have will not going to be something that we will just let pass. It was said that the motivation of many Pacquiao is shaking up Bradley. After his battle against Marquez it was filled with controversies. It was said that Marquez should be the winner and others said that it was just.

Certainly things are getting bad if Pacquiao will not make a way to have the trust and the confidence of the people. Freddie Roach said that Pacquiao is doing all the best that he can as he practice. The motivation that he has is so overwhelming that he had done practice so much than the usual, he further added. The boxing fans are already waiting and preparing for this.

This June 10 many people are flocking to the venue of the brawl. Two warriors will collide and there can only be one standing. Each have practiced and trained harder but one man will stood against all the beating.


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